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QTube™ Bilumen Breathing Circuit

QTube™ Basic Type

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Products detail

  • Single Limb Bilumen Breathing Circuit
  • Low compliance
  • Light weight
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Suitable for Paediatric to Adult patients. (For Patient Weight: 3kg & above)
  • Maintains a tidy and efficient hospital / O.T. / I.C.U, environment
  • 9 meters QTube™ especially for MRI use.
  • 100% leakage test

** A wide range of QTube™ Bilumen breathing circuit are available in different lengths, configurations for different Clinical requirements. Please contact us.


Product Detail

Part Number QTube Length Straight / Swivel 


at Patient End

1.8m Blue Rebreathing Limb 

+ 2L Breathing Bag

Box Qty.
Q112212P 1.2m Straight 30
Q112215P 1.5m Straight 30
Q112218P 1.8m Straight 30
Q112227P 2.7m Straight 30
Q112290P-MRI 9.0m Straight 10
Q122212P 1.2m Swivel 30
Q122215P 1.5m Swivel 30
Q122218P 1.8m Swivel 30
Q122227P 2.7m Swivel 30
Q122290P-MRI 9.0m Swivel 10