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CoreFlow™ Corrugated Breathing Circuit

Double limb Corrugated Breathing Circuit with Parallel Wye Connector and Rebreathing Bag

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  • Double Limb Corrugated Breathing Circuit with Parallel Wye Connector
  • Blue Corrugated Rebreathing Limb and 2 Liter Rebreathing Bag Latex Free.
  • Corrugated Breathing Circuit for Anesthesia and Ventilation support.
  • Adult and Paediatric circuits available.
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Wye connector

1.8 m Blue Rebreathing Limb +  

Breathing Bag

Box Qty.
C152212P-18BC2L 22mm 1.2m Parallel Wye 2 Liter Breathing bag 30
C152215P-18BC2L 22mm 1.5m Parallel Wye 2 Liter Breathing bag 30
C152218P-18BC2L 22mm 1.8m Parallel Wye 2 Liter Breathing bag 30
C152227P-18BC2L 22mm 2.7m Parallel Wye 2 Liter Breathing bag 20
C151512P-18BC1L 15mm 1.2m Parallel Wye 1 Liter Breathing Bag 30
C151515P-18BC1L 15mm 1.5m Parallel Wye 1 Liter Breathing Bag 30
C151518P-18BC1L 15mm 1.8m Parallel Wye 1 Liter Breathing Bag 30
C151527P-18BC1L 15mm 2.7m Parallel Wye 1 Liter Breathing Bag 30

** A wide range of CoreFlow™ Corrugated Breathing Circuit are available in QGuard™ QGuardAntimicrobial Protection , different lengths, configurations for different Clinical requirements. Please contact us.