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CoreFlow™ Corrugated Breathing Circuit

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Double limb Corrugated Breathing Circuit with Parallel Wye Connector

Products detail

  • Double Limb Corrugated Breathing Circuit with Parallel Wye Connector.
  • Corrugated breathing Circuit for Anesthesia and Ventilation support.
  • Adult and Paediatric Circuits available.


Product Detail


Part Number Tubing 




Wye connector 1.8 m Blue Rebreathing Limb +  

Breathing Bag

Box Qty.
C152212P 22mm 1.2m Parallel Wye 30
C152215p 22mm 1.5m Parallel Wye 30
C152218P 22mm 1.8m Parallel Wye 30
C152227P 22mm 2.7m Parallel Wye 30
C151512P 15mm 1.2m Parallel Wye 30
C151515P 15mm 1.5m Parallel Wye 30
C151518P 15mm 1.8m Parallel Wye 30
C151527P 15mm 2.7m Parallel Wye 30

** A wide range of CoreFlow™ Corrugated Breathing Circuit are available in QGuard™ QGuardAntimicrobial Protection , different lengths, configurations for different Clinical requirements. Please contact us.